Terms and

When visiting the student teaching clinic (“Endeavour Wellness Clinic”) at Endeavour College of Natural Health it is important that you understand the following terms and conditions:

  • This is a teaching clinic, not a medical practice
  • The teaching clinic is supervised by a qualified practitioner of the modality
  • All treatments are performed by students and supervised by qualified practitioners
  • Consultations/treatments may take up to 90 minutes.
  • As this is a teaching clinic it may not be possible to see the same student practitioner at each visit, however, all efforts to facilitate this will be made.
  • After taking a case history the student practitioner(s) will consult with their supervisor to determine a therapeutic strategy for your care (during which time you may be directed to have a rest in the Waiting Area).
  • The student practitioner(s) will then explain the treatment plan to you and seek your consent.
  • At any time during your visit you can request to see the supervising practitioner.
  • At any time you may choose to terminate the clinic visit.
  • The supervising practitioner may attend the consultation room during your consultation and/or treatment.
  • Your de-identified case notes may be used within the College for teaching or research purposes.
  • The physical examination you receive may involve partial undressing and having the student practitioner palpate (touch) you.
  • Payment may be made in advance or prior to treatment commencing.
  • Pricing is for treatment only and does not include any other additional products or services or dispensary items.
  • Patient or client must be at least 16 years of age when booking a treatment via the Endeavour Wellness Clinic online booking system.
  • Any patient or client under 16 years of age must have a parent or guardian book their appointment at a Endeavour Wellness Clinic location or by phone.
  • Any patient or client under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when attending a treatment.
  • Cheques are not accepted.
  • Any products dispensed are non-refundable.
  • Treatments and products are priced at below market rate. No further discounts apply.
  • Treatments are not eligible for health fund rebate, as they are performed student practitioners, rather than registered health professionals.

Terms and Conditions for Wellness Passport

  • Maximum of one Wellness Passport per person
  • Treatment options may vary from clinic to clinic. Please refer to your local clinic for available treatments
  • Valid until 31 December 2021
  • Maximum of two of the same treatment per client for the promotion period
  • Acupuncture consults not included in this promotion
  • Intake dates may vary between clinic locations
  • Endeavour Wellness Clinics reserve the right to alter treatment availability at any time
  • This offer cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash
  • Only valid for individual use
  • Does not include dispensary or other product purchase costs
  • Normal cancellation policy applies
  • Endeavour Wellness Clinics takes your therapeutic care seriously. As such, we reserve the right to reduce or reschedule treatment if we believe it may be more therapeutically appropriate to do so

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