Patient Privacy

All client records at our clinics are treated confidentially and in accordance with legal and ethical requirements.

In accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles 2014 (Privacy Act 1988), the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records Act 2012 and the Freedom of Information Act 1982, individuals have a right of access to health information held about themselves. Requests for access to client health information must be made in writing using the ‘Client Access to Health Information’ Form available at Reception.

Evidence of identity of the person will be required. A driver’s license, pension card, student card, Medicare card or similar identification bearing a specimen signature will normally be acceptable.

Processing of the request cannot begin if any of the requested information is not supplied. A fee may be applicable for accessing information contained in client files. Fees are based on the costs involved for checking the information and preparation of the information for release (e.g. photocopying etc.).

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