Please review the following FAQs prior to your treatment appointment with Endeavour Wellness Clinics.

Is a health fund rebate available?2019-09-25T10:37:33+10:00

As we are a student teaching clinic, consultations received in our clinics are not eligible for health fund rebates at this time.

Are dispensary items included in treatment price?2019-09-25T10:38:02+10:00

Being a student teaching clinic, our consultation fees are set below market rates and as such represent excellent value for money. Our comprehensive range of practitioner-only dispensary items are available at very reasonable prices.

Who will I be treated by?2020-10-29T10:05:36+11:00

You are in good hands at the Endeavour Wellness Clinic as you are treated by our senior students in the natural health discipline you have booked into.  Our senior student practitioners receive approximately 29,000 client visits annually and treat clients under the supervision of qualified natural health practitioners who are staff members at Endeavour College of Natural Health.

Please note that as we are a teaching clinic, it may not be possible to see the same student practitioner at each visit.  However, all efforts to facilitate this request will be made.

What should I wear to my appointment?2019-09-25T10:38:16+10:00

For most consultations you can “come as you are”, but we do recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothing for the massage, tui na and soft tissue consultations.

What time should I arrive for my appointment?2020-10-29T10:08:35+11:00

So that we can ensure we spend the most time with you during your appointment, we ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time.

Is parking available at your clinic locations?2019-09-25T10:38:30+10:00

Parking options vary between clinic locations. Please check the specific clinic location page for more information.

Can I reschedule an appointment?2019-09-25T10:38:33+10:00

You are welcome to call us at any time on 1300 859 785, should you wish to re-schedule an appointment.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?2019-09-25T10:38:36+10:00

Appointments may be cancelled (or re-scheduled) at any time up to 24hrs prior to your appointment. Please see our cancellation policy for more information.

Where are your treatment clinics located?2019-09-25T10:38:39+10:00

We have city central locations in Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney.

What should I expect when visiting the Endeavour Wellness Clinic?2020-06-25T14:00:39+10:00

Endeavour Wellness Clinics have created a new COVID-19 Safe process to ensure your safety and wellbeing whilst visiting the clinic.  These changes reflect Australian government and health recommendations such as physical distancing format/signage, cashless transactions, minimising contact and spread, and utilising appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in order to carry out the treatment in the safest way possible.

One thing we that will be the same is our level of care and our commitment to proactively work with you on your health and wellbeing.  Our holistic perspective on health will continue to be warm, friendly and supportive of you and your current situation by individualising your treatment plan to assist you on the road to optimal health.

What do I need to do before attending the Endeavour Wellness Clinic?2020-06-25T14:03:33+10:00

We ask that clients do not visit our clinic if feeling unwell.  If you are unwell or presenting with flu-like or other infectious symptoms, please contact us on 1300 859 785 to reschedule your appointment.
As we do need to ensure the safety of all who visit our clinics, should you arrive not feeling well, you will be asked to leave the clinic.  Please refer to our cancellation policy for further info: https://www.endeavourclinic.com.au/cancellation-policy/

In addition, with the latest physical distancing regulations, ensuring that you arrive on time is paramount.  For new clients, please make sure you have filled out the client registration form in advance.  The client registration form link will be sent to you in our appointment confirmation email and will automatically be sent to your local clinic that you are attending.  You will also receive a copy of this form via your email.

Are there any changes to the arrival process when I attend the Endeavour Wellness Clinic?2020-06-25T14:05:14+10:00

The Endeavour Wellness Clinic has implemented a national process to ensure we are keeping our staff, students and clients as healthy as possible during this time by minimising the risk for all who attend our clinics and campuses.

More specifically, when you arrive at one of our six clinics nationwide, you will be greeted with a smile and asked several general health questions that will ensure you are feeling well enough to attend your treatment.  You will also be required to use hand sanitiser and have your temperature taken before you can enter one of our treatment rooms.

What extra safety precautions are being taken in the Endeavour Wellness Clinic?2020-06-25T14:07:29+10:00

On top of our daily cleaning schedule, we have executed a range of protocols that adhere to state/federal government and national health recommendations. These include regular before and after disinfecting and wearing appropriate PPE.  We will be managing the maximum attendance levels as well as physical distancing restrictions where applicable.

Whilst in your treatment, appropriate PPE will be worn in cases that it is required and we will also request that you do the same by providing you PPE such as a face mask in order to carry out your treatment with minimal risk.  Even with a small number of COVID19 cases in Australia, we all have a responsibility and must not underestimate the potential of this infectious disease.  By us all adhering to the same requirements, we are working together to ensure we are all in a safe and hygienic environment. We are committed to ensuring that you feel comfortable and safe at any of our clinics nationwide.

Should I visit the Endeavour Wellness Clinic during this time?2020-06-25T14:08:55+10:00

We believe that keeping a strong immunity is paramount during this time.  At Endeavour College of Natural Health, we are committed to providing you with the best level holistic care to you and we want our clients to be prioritising their health during this time. Our student practitioners and staff will all be doing their best to keep you safe and want to proactively engage with you to enhance your wellbeing for optimal vitality.  Our student practitioners are all looking forward to assisting you once we open on Monday 6 July 2020.

Are you doing online consultations?2021-09-13T13:31:21+10:00

Telehealth consultations are now being offered for the clients who reside in the clinic locations affected by state lockdowns. This means that if a state suddenly goes into a lockdown, we will be able to continue with natural health consultations during the lockdown period in a telehealth environment. Learn more about Telehealth appointments. 

What types of treatments do you offer at Endeavour Wellness Clinics?2020-10-29T10:00:32+11:00

We offer a range of natural health treatments that are part of our accredited courses at Endeavour College of Natural health.  For a full range of what is available, please visit our ‘What we Offer’ page: https://www.endeavourclinic.com.au/what-we-offer/

Where can I attend the Endeavour Wellness Clinics?2020-10-29T10:00:53+11:00

We currently have six clinics nationwide in Australia.  Please visit our location page for further details, here: https://www.endeavourclinic.com.au/locations/

How can I provide feedback about my clinic experience?2020-10-29T10:02:59+11:00

Our local Clinic Managers welcome feedback about our clinics so that we can continuously improve our range of services.  Feedback can be sent directly, here:


How long does the treatment take?2020-10-29T10:07:45+11:00

You will receive confirmation of the time it will take when you book in with Endeavour Wellness Clinics.

As each natural health discipline can vary in length, the average appointment time is 60-90 minutes.  For some disciplines, your first treatment will take longer as this allows enough time for your student practitioner to understand your requirements and work out a holistic approach for optimal wellness.

What is included in the treatment price?2020-10-29T10:11:25+11:00

Being a student clinic, our prices are highly affordable and represent excellent value for money across all of our natural health treatment offerings.  You will receive a treatment plan that will outline the key steps that you will be supported through in order to reach optimal wellness.

In addition to the treatment, your senior student practitioner will also suggest a number of over the counter and/or dispensary products that will assist you with your health goals.

Products are available to purchase through our onsite clinic dispensary on the day of your treatment so that you can be fully supported throughout the healing process.

How many treatment sessions will I require?2020-10-29T10:14:36+11:00

As we believe health and wellbeing is an individual state of being, we do not have a one size fits approach.  During your initial treatment, your student practitioner will go through their suggestions basing it on your individual circumstances.

For some clients, they will find relief after a few sessions, but for more chronic conditions, it may take longer.  We are always happy to adapt your treatment plan based on how well you respond to treatment.  Our key focus is to make you feel great!

Can I book in my child?2020-10-29T10:16:18+11:00

Absolutely! However, all clients under 16 years of age must have a parent or guardian book their treatment and must be accompanied by that said parent or guardian when attending the treatment.

What type of payment do you accept?2020-10-29T10:16:54+11:00

Endeavour Wellness Clinics are cashless clinics and therefore, we only accept EFTPOS.  We do not accept cheques or direct debit payments.

I am interested in studying at Endeavour College of Natural Health – where do I go?2020-10-29T10:23:13+11:00

If you are interested in any of our natural health courses, please visit our College website: https://www.endeavour.edu.au/

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