Myotherapy for women’s health

Myotherapy for women’s health

By Renee Franklin – Studying BHSc (Myotherapy)

Myotherapy is an emerging manual therapy modality that is gaining popularity throughout Australia. What the general population doesn’t seem to know, however, is how Myotherapy can help you even when you don’t necessarily have an injury or illness to seek treatment for. We all live very busy lives juggling work commitments, home life and recreational activities, and as such people don’t address those niggling concerns within their own bodies until the pain is too great or the impairment begins to affect their day to day lives. Movement is medicine — the more your body moves the better your overall physical and mental health will be. A Myotherapist can help you understand how your body should feel when you move during work tasks – whether that be an office-based job of sitting/standing repeatedly or physically demanding jobs where balance/co-ordination is paramount; relaxing around the home/garden, playing with children/pets, during recreational exercise and when training consistently for a sport.

While Myotherapy is ideal for anyone with general musculoskeletal conditions or movement-related pain/stiffness, focusing on the female anatomy reveals a few unique conditions, the most obvious of all being pregnancy. Pregnancy is the most arduous and physically demanding process a women’s body will ever go through, as the creation of a tiny human life requires the body to expand significantly, support the weight of a growing human and somehow retain all the functionality it had previously, despite its own centre of gravity continually shifting. This is in addition to the hormonal and nutritional stresses being placed on the body, which is why Myotherapist’s work closely with Nutritionist’s and Naturopath’s to provide the best holistic care of every client.

Preparation is key to facilitate a harmonious link between the mind & body during pregnancy, with each trimester presenting its own respective challenges. Postural awareness, core & pelvic control, breathing exercises and strategies to maintain a healthy functioning body are all important areas to consider. Working with your primary health care professionals a Myotherapist can collaborate and provide education and support on how to accomplish these goals safely and effectively with various Myotherapy techniques.

Renee Franklin – 3rd year Brisbane student of Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Myotherapy

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