Welcome to the “New Norm” with Wellbeing

Welcome to the “New Norm” with Wellbeing

By Elias Delphinus

Let’s face it; The ‘Global Pandemic’ took us all by surprise. Unmapped territory can make us feel insecure and uncertain about our future.

Our past habits of daily living seem to have vanished or at the very least, significantly changed; loss of work or work dynamics, loss of face-to-face education or for some of you, home schooling the kids, social access to valued relationships have been limited, dietary and fitness routines altered, the things that give our lives meaning and define us have been interrupted and whether you like it or not, have established a “New Normal.”

A question worth asking at this moment in time; How do we enhance the quality of our life in this New World? Well, from the standpoint of a Naturopath or any qualified holistic practitioner, interrupting unhealthy habitual patterns is the first step toward establishing a New Normal or a Healthier-Happier Normal.

For instance, have you noticed that alcohol sales are through the roof, comfort food is sold out on the shelves of our local grocers, while the fruits and veggie sections are still full? We tend toward self-gratifying habits, looking for a quick fix when confronted by stress but there’s nothing quick about this pandemic.

We all have time now to self-reflect and take stock of these unhealthy eating, drinking, self-medicating and toxic habits. The value of ‘social distancing’, is that it has allowed us to “physically” distance ourselves from those habits and relationships that required re-evaluation.

Masini (2016) created a model for ‘Holistic Wellbeing’ (See Fig. 1). Study this model and identify the things that you can change today. The most effective way to dissolve feelings of uncertainty is to control the variables in your life that you can control and dismiss those variables that you can do nothing about.

Figure 1

Begin to treat yourself as if you are someone worth helping. Discipline yourself by committing to changing an aspect of your life that will start the momentum needed to enjoy better health, enriched relationships or self-esteem. Start with something simple, something you can do.

Gray and Zide (2012) identified that one of the greatest self-empowering techniques toward enhancing your wellbeing is to control your food intake. Your relationship with food can be modified by simply adjusting what you eat (Vegetarian, Keto, Carnivore, Organic, Vegan, Uber Eats, McDonalds, KFC), when you eat (Intermittent/Weekly/Monthly Fasting, 3-5 meals/day, Limited timing of meals) or how much you eat (Calorie restriction/surplus, manipulating macronutrients).

The student clinicians at Endeavour Wellness Clinics, under the guidance of experienced industry professionals, are highly trained in educating and encouraging an appropriate dietary intake.

To book an appointment, contact your nearest Endeavour College Wellness Clinic.

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