Getting through the holidays in a healthy fashion

Getting through the holidays in a healthy fashion

By Sue Stevens – Studying BHSc (Nutrition & Dietetic Medicine)

Healthy holiday ideas

Just because we are on holidays does not mean that healthy habits go out the window too.

Try some or all of the following –

  1. Eat a healthy wholefood breakfast – to keep you fuller for longer – e.g. omelettes with lots of fresh herbs and some roasted vegies or wilted greens / frittata, again with the roasted vegies and cooked brown rice and quinoa
  2. Follow the 80/20 and allow yourself to indulge – have treats with the family after some fun in the park or swimming pool
  3. Stay hydrated – it’s hot and our bodies need water to function. Keeping your water intake up – we drink more if the drinks are cool (4 degrees) and tasty – so add some fresh mint, a few strawberries or slices of lemon and lime
  4. Keep your food colourful – eating the rainbow as they say! Incorporating fruits and vegetables into every meal will mean you will easily consume the recommended daily intake of 2 serves of fruits and 5 of vegetables
  5. If you are going to a BBQ of picnic with friends, pack some healthy options for yourself – vegie sticks and hummus instead of chips, fresh, colourful garden salad, desert can be slices or cakes based on almond meal rather than refined flour. Having a get-together at your own home gives you more control over what kind of foods will be served. (you can also suggest your guests bring salads or some of the healthier family favourites)
  6. Try to keep you sleeping /wake cycle similar to your usual rhythm. This can help stabilise your energy levels and make it easier to get back into life once your wonderful healthy holiday is over

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