Shake off the winter blues (end of season football)

Shake off the winter blues (end of season football)

Milly Treacy

End of season fatigue kicking in? Not getting enough one on one treatments at training? Book in with us today at Endeavour Wellness Clinic for an individualised Myotherapy treatment and rehabilitation program to enable you to perform at your prime and do your team and coach proud! Because we are a student clinic, we can offer significantly reduced treatment costs compared to a standard consultation.

Myotherapy treatment for football players can be a great first step in ensuring you remain injury-free and have a long-lasting career in football. A Myotherapist will be able to rehabilitate you from any current injuries whilst ensuring you remain injury-free for the remainder of the season. Whether it be muscle soreness post-game or enabling you to achieve your optimal level of performance, a Myotherapist can facilitate this journey. Myotherapy treatment can include, deep tissue massage, dry needling, cupping, joint mobilisation, taping and many more techniques that will enable you to perform at your maximal level of performance and lead your team to victory. Whether it be an acute injury or a longstanding niggling complaint Myotherapy can help restore and maintain strength and control, and increase your functional capacity (Stracciolini, Meehan & d’Hemecourt, 2007). Myotherapy can be especially helpful for getting on top of new injuries before they become part of a larger problem. We as Myotherapists at Endeavour Wellness clinics can provide specialist, one on one evidence-based care, that focuses not just on the problem, but your overall wellbeing. We can collaborate with your team physiotherapist to help create better treatment outcomes and rehabilitation for you. Treatments can be included as part of your weekly training schedule as well as post-game recovery (Brotja, 2017).

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