Twelve Australian bush flower essences of Christmas

Twelve Australian bush flower essences of Christmas

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are a form of gentle, energetic natural medicine that encourages healing and the release of negative thought patterns and behaviours. Naturopaths may prescribe a flower essence remedy to help support the natural healing process.

We have rounded up twelve of our favourite Australian Bush Flower Essences to help you cruise through the craziness of Christmas and the New Year.

Turkey Bush

The delicate star-shaped flowers of the turkey bush ignites creative energies and can help us connect with our inner artists. Christmas time often requires a little extra creativity — whether it is putting up the Christmas decorations, organising the menu for Christmas lunch or choosing gifts for your loved ones.

Banksia Robur

Commonly known as swamp banksia, this remedy is good for those who are feeling bogged down, weary and frustrated. It stimulates energy, enthusiasm and zest for life, particularly during temporary periods of exhaustion and frustration – such as the silly season.

Mulla Mulla

Mulla Mulla is a good remedy for trauma associated with heat or fire – think sunburn, summer heat, holiday bonfires and barbeques. Mulla Mulla Essence is also very rejuvenating, so is useful after long days in the summer heat.

Black-eyed Susan

A lovely essence for those who are constantly on-the-go and rushing around. And there is no time like Christmas to bring this trait out in all of us. Black-eyed Susan is the “walk, don’t run” remedy, that encourages patience, inner peace and the ability to find your centre.


Jacaranda Flower Essence is the perfect remedy for those with a tendency to scattered thinking, rushing and indecision. Although Jacaranda is very similar to Black-eyed Susan, it is better for those with difficulty focusing and completing projects. It enhances decisiveness, clarity and focus.


The Waratah Essence is a powerful one that offers courage and strength in dealing with crisis situations. It also enhances survival skills, which may prove useful when doing the Christmas shopping or driving in hours of holiday traffic.


Macrocarpa has the largest fruit and flower of the eucalypts. This essence nourishes the adrenal glands and helps to recharge and revitalise the body. As the year comes to a close, rest and relaxation are essential for recovery, and a little macrocarpa can help reinforce that process.


The Philotheca essence allows people to accept praise and acknowledgement for their achievements. It is also a great remedy for those who are excessively generous – another trait that commonly surfaces during the festive season.

Paw Paw

Paw Paw Essence is a wonderful remedy for those feelings of overwhelm and indecision, which often surface during the Christmas and New Year period. Physically, Paw Paw Essence enhances digestion, in particular the breakdown of proteins.


Crowea is well known as the “worry” remedy and has calming, centring and strengthening properties. Crowea Essence is great for those with stomach ulcers or digestives issues triggered by stress. Crowea and Paw Paw in combination is a wonderful digestive remedy.

Little Flannel Flower

Bring out your inner child with Little Flannel Flower. This flower essence encourages playfulness, enjoyment and carefreeness – elements which can become diminished in the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

Christmas Bell

Christmas Bell is of course our favourite flower essence for this time of year. It flowers from December through February, which is why it is named so. It is useful for those who feel a lack of abundance and helps us to understand and accept that material things are not of utmost importance in life.

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