Myotherapy Tip #1: Make Headaches Easier!

Myotherapy Tip #1: Make Headaches Easier!

By Brisbane Myotherapy Students

Do you develop headaches when stressed? Try diaphragmatic breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing can aid your parasympathetic system, which has a ‘calming effect’ to the body. Follow below for 2 minutes every night before you go to bed.

Step 1: lying on your back with knees bent

Step 2: place one hand on your belly button and the other on your chest

Step 3: focus on breathing deep into your belly so that your hand rises

Step 4: try to prevent the hand on your chest from rising

Step 5: take deep slow breaths counting to 5 as you breathe in

Step 6: exhale for a minimum of 5 seconds

If you’d like more tips on combatting recurring headaches, please get in contact with us to book an appointment with a myotherapy student.

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