National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol

National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol

By Endeavour Wellness Clinic

  • Have you decided to quit smoking?
  • Interested in using a safe, chemical free and scientifically proven method that works?
  • Are you ready to experience a healthier you?

What is the NADA protocol?

The NADA protocol involves the insertion of five tiny acupuncture needles into each ear and a few other strategic points around the body. Once inserted, the needles stay in place for approximately 30 – 45 mins per treatment. At the end of the treatment, the needles are removed and replaced with tiny adhesive beads that can be pressed on by the client to curb cravings whenever they arise.

How does it work?

To achieve optimal results, Clients are encouraged to book four acupuncture treatments over four consecutive days. This process allows the client’s body chemistry to incrementally adjust, decreasing the severity of nicotine cravings and in some reported cases, completely taking them away. There is absolutely no limit to how many times a client can access our services to assist in their goal to quit smoking.

One thing that we can guarantee is that whilst the needles are in place, the Client will feel extremely relaxed and as a bonus often experience better quality sleep. For years, the NADA Protocol has been successfully used globally in many hospitals to treat nicotine addiction.

The Science of Nicotine Addiction

Scientific research into nicotine addiction shows that quitting can often take several attempts before success is reached. Our goal is to support clients in their quest to successfully quit smoking, no matter what stage of their journey they are at.

To further increase your chances of success, it is recommended that the client:

  • Enlist emotional support from family and friends
  • Remove themselves from stressful situations that may trigger an emotional desire to smoke
  • Support their body’s transition through this process with healthy nutrition
  • Increase exercise and physical activity
  • Use nicotine patches, gum , nicotine spray or prescribed medication for nicotine cessation, to further chemically decrease cravings
  • Access counselling services for additional emotional support and cognitive strategies from such organisations as the Cancer Council, Australia and Quitline.

The NADA Protocol is designed to decrease the client’s psychological dependence on smoking, by curbing their physical cravings. Ultimately, the success of the treatments depends solely on the client’s commitment to stop smoking.

Start your journey to a smoke free lifestyle by booking an Acupuncture appointment with Endeavour Wellness Clinics today.

This article provides general information and is not intended to constitute advice. All care is taken to ensure information is accurate and relevant. Please see your Practitioner for health treatments and advice.

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