5 tips to stay fit as a working mum

5 tips to stay fit as a working mum

By Brookke Haggett

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. In this post Endeavour Wellness Clinic Manager on the Gold Coast, Brookke Haggett, shares her top tips for staying fit as a working mum.

1. Preparation

I make time when the kids are in bed to do bulk food preparation for the week. I write a meal plan and keep this on the fridge, along with a list of what is in my freezer. You will be surprised at how much time per day you save (and how much healthier you can eat) when you take the time to plan ahead.

2. Determination

Once I finally have my kids to bed and hopefully asleep, I don’t stop, I don’t sit down; I put on my shoes and some music and do 30 minutes running on my treadmill. If you don’t have a treadmill then it could be as simple as a fitness DVD or circuit. Your mind and body will thank you – eventually.

3. Visualisation

I put up my goals, meals and aspirations on the fridge. Articles, pictures or whatever will motivate me to get where I want to go with my health, fitness and life. This reinforces why I have to work hard and to get where I am going. Nothing worth having comes easy so we all have to work at it.

4. Self-motivation

Being a great example to my kids and seeing them imitate my fitness, nutritional choices and positive attitude is a form of motivation that no amount of money can buy.

5. Reflection and letting go

If I stray from my plan, or if my day isn’t going well, I find one positive thing to focus on and move on to the next day with a fresh start. I try to fight the big fight; one step at a time.

Brookke Haggett is the Endeavour Wellness Clinic Manager for the Gold Coast campus. She has a background in specialist medical business management, is a qualified personal trainer and a single mother of 3 year old twins. She runs every day, lifts weights and on the weekends you will find her at the beach. She loves Criminal Minds and Vegemite on her protein pancakes.

This article provides general information and is not intended to constitute advice. All care is taken to ensure information is accurate and relevant. Please see your Practitioner for health treatments and advice.

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