12 Weeks to Wellness – Week 3

12 Weeks to Wellness – Week 3

By Kathleen Hanley

Two weeks completed of my 12 Weeks to Wellness program in association with Goodlife Health Clubs’ 12 Week Challenge. Two weeks of discovering that my body has forgotten how to do many specific movements, and it is showing me very clearly the impact of spending long hours sitting at my desk!

First night: Repeatedly run 20 metres at full effort? Sure. I hear the instruction, ready myself, and on the word I go. Well at least I move forward. The message to my brain has said “Ok, run…”, my brain tells my body “Ok, run…”, the muscles in my legs get the message and say “What? Who me? All of us? Really? Ok, we will try… but you have used us so little over the last few years that we thought you didn’t need us anymore. Most of us have gone on extended holidays. We will call in the troops, and bring people back to work. This may take a while! By the way, they won’t appreciate being returned to duty so quickly, so expect a fair amount of complaints!”.

Honestly, all I could do on the first effort of each activity, was laugh. Out loud! There’s nothing quite like being reminded by your own body that it has been ignored. That strong active body I have always relied on – it turns out it was mainly a memory. Wow, do I have a lot of work to do to make that a reality again!

Thankfully, two weeks of learning exercises again, turning up at early morning training sessions and racing to the gym after work, watching what I eat, and having a good laugh at my own expense when it hurts to get out of a chair, or pick up my coffee cup. I am genuinely feeling really good, and can tell already that I will continue to improve the longer I keep up the regime. I can actually feel my abs and my quads working when I walk around now!

The laughter you are hearing… that is also coming from the Endeavour College students and staff. They are collectively working on the “amused sympathy” approach to help me through. I am grateful that they are also being very supportive and keen to offer their daily support to my program of improvement.

Keep it up everyone – I am!

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Good Work Kathleen! Fantastic that you are giving it a go and finding out about muscles you didn’t know even existed!

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