Focus Treatment – Tui Na Massage

Focus Treatment – Tui Na Massage

By Endeavour Wellness Clinic

In Chinese culture, 2015 is the new zodiac year of the Green Wooden Sheep (sometimes referred to as the Goat). Wood is one of the 5 Chinese Elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth – and as Wood (i.e. tree) is related to the colour green, this year becomes known as Year of the Green Wooden Sheep.

Based on the Chinese medicine philosophy of yin-yang and five element theory, 2015 will be a favourable year of changes. The Sheep is a Yin energy – a symbol of peace, harmonious co-existence and tranquility and hence that is the primary and fundamental mood for this coming year. It’s a year of stable economic growth where all your diligent hard work in 2013 and 2014 will be rewarded, bringing you prosperity and wellbeing.

So, with 2015 underway and the Chinese New Year just around the corner, Endeavour Wellness Clinics invite you to kick start your health and wellness goals for the year with a uniquely Chinese ancient form of medical massage called “Tui Na” (Tui means “to push” and Na means “to hold”). Tui Na massage is a non- invasive style of massage which can be performed through your clothes (no need to undress!), or also with the use of oils or Chinese herbal liniments.

The practitioner uses their hands, fingers, forearms and/or elbows to activate the meridian channels of the body in order to treat muscle and soft tissue tightness, stiffness and pain – but it can also address underlying internal organ dysfunction which may be the origin of your presenting pain and discomfort. According to traditional Chinese medical understanding, meridian channels are invisible pathways on and within the body through which your life energy, or “Qi” flows. So it is via these meridians that Tui Na massage is able to produce a therapeutic effect.

So why not start the new year off with a Tui Na massage at Endeavour Wellness Clinics?

*Please check online for Tui Na availability at your nearest Endeavour Wellness Clinic.

This article provides general information and is not intended to constitute advice. All care is taken to ensure information is accurate and relevant. Please see your Practitioner for health treatments and advice.

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