5 simple homeopathic remedies for winter chills

5 simple homeopathic remedies for winter chills

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Do you need simple homeopathic remedies for your winter ailments? German chemist and homeopath Willheim Schuessler recognised in the 1800s that the body’s different cell types each utilise specific types of minerals. So he conducted some of the first clinical experiments using mineral supplementation to improve health. And from there developed his range of 12 homoeopathically prepared mineral salts. Tissue salts, as they’ve become known, are still useful today as a way to heal the body naturally.

So, which tissue salts suit which ailment? Here’s a breakdown of five common ailments and which tissue salts should be used to remedy them:

For viral infections

Ferr Phos (Iron phosphate): Known as the ‘first aid salt’ Ferr Phos is the tissue salt to reach for in the early stages of a viral infection, or to take before an illness develops once the weather becomes cold and especially when windy. Inflammation, pain, elevated temperature, sniffles and a scratchy throat all suggest the use of this salt and its support of cell oxygenation. It may stop the progression of a head cold while still in the first stage of the infection.

For head colds (second stage)

Kali Mur (Potassium chloride): Considered a glandular tonic, Kali Mur may be used in the second stage of a head cold. When the nasal discharge becomes thick, tenacious, or white, the throat becomes painful, and the ear may become blocked it is time to consider the use of Kali Mur. 

For head colds (third stage)

Kali Sulph (Potassium sulphate): Well known for its support of healthy skin function, Kali Sulph becomes of use in the third stage of a head cold. Thick yellowish or greenish mucus, chills and fever, all suggest this mineral salt may be needed to support a return to health.

For an immune boost

Silica (Silicon oxide): Silica is a deep and long lasting mineral salt. Often used to support those with a compromised immune system, those who easily develop head colds, tonsillitis that has developed pus, and colds that quickly move onto the chest or become more chronic in nature.

For the recovery period

Calc Phos (Calcium phosphate): Like Silica, Calc Phos may be of use after a cold. It assists in the recovery process, and builds general health and immune function. It is particularly of use in children or during times of growth.

The Tissue Salts are well known as a gentle way to support health. Homeopathic practitioners can assist individuals to develop a plan for a combination of tissue salts that may be of most effective for their requirements.

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