What is myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy. Practitioners assess, treat, manage, or help prevent musculoskeletal pain and conditions caused by muscle or myofascial impairment.

Myofascia is the thin, fibrous sheets of tissue covering and wrapping around muscles. Myotherapists use manual techniques, such as massage, to relieve your pain and help you to move more effectively. They may also recommend at-home therapies, including exercises and stretches.

The healing power of touch is known to be universally effective in relieving physical pain and tension and can also aid mental and emotional wellbeing.

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What can myotherapy treat?

Most commonly, people use myotherapy to treat musculoskeletal pain. Some use it to optimise sports and athletic performance. Myotherapy can be used for a range of health conditions, including:

Neck and back pain Work and lifestyle-related injuries Muscle soreness
Joint stiffness and circulation Chronic pain and discomfort Nerve-type pain (sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome)
Headaches Repetitive strain injuries Pregnancy support

What can you expect at your appointment?

Appointment length: Up to 45 minutes of treatment in a 1-hour consult

On your first visit, your senior student practitioner and supervisor will listen to your health concerns and gather thorough case history. They will also conduct a physical assessment before creating your personalised treatment plan. You can expect to receive up to 45 minutes of manual therapy in a one-hour appointment.

Your treatment may include:

At Endeavour Wellness Clinics, there are three myotherapy treatments available:

  1. Basic treatment includes assessment to identify areas of tension and review tissue health, followed by massage treatment.
  2. Intermediate treatment involves assessment and treatment using manual therapies targeted at pain and tension relief.
  3. Advanced treatment aims to identify and address the underlying causes of musculoskeletal conditions and treat symptoms.

Your senior student practitioner will work with you to identify factors that could be making your condition worse (such as poor posture) and help you find ways to avoid or reduce these factors.

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More information

Qualified myotherapists may apply for membership with professional associations, many of which have a directory of preferred practitioners.

After experiencing the benefits of natural health treatments like myotherapy, many people want to learn more. If you’re inspired, the Endeavour College of Natural Health offers a range of options, from short courses to natural health degrees.

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