Treatment Plans

Often the best way to achieve the results you want is to ensure you have a plan in place with the right people to support you.

Our Endeavour Wellness Treatment Plans are designed for those who know that it can take more than one session to create lasting results.

We offer four treatment sessions at a cheaper rate that are flexible – so you can book them as frequently as your specific condition needs, as you need them.

How many sessions do I need?

The length, number and frequency of treatments will vary from person to person depending on the conditions being treated, your age and health, and how you respond to the treatment. For some clients it may take only 2-4 sessions to get your bounce back – for some others it may take a longer, staged approach. At the first consultation your senior student practitioner will map out a tailored treatment plan and make recommendations for ongoing support.

Many of our modalities are effective and evidenced-based therapies that assist your body to make sustainable changes. This can be a gradual process. Booking a Endeavour Wellness Treatment Plan can be a great way to kick-start your progress and makes it easy to ensure you continue getting the results you want.

Make sure you ask your senior student practitioner for further details.

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