Healthy spring skin

Healthy spring skin

By Tara Austin – BHSc (Naturopathy)

Clear, glowing skin is bi-directional. What we put on our skin matters, but what is happening internally matters even more. Healthy, plump cells result in healthy, glowing skin, and this can be achieved through holistic health. Botany in all its forms is key – eating organic fruit and vegetables, using skincare infused with herbs and flowers, and harnessing the power of botanical medicine to directly address any issue.

Consulting with a naturopath can pay dividends when it comes to skin health. We are trained extensively in biochemistry, functional pathology testing and other important skin health concepts. Most important is our ethos – to treat the root cause of the problem. Whilst no single approach applies to everyone, the following tips may help you get your glow on for spring.

  • Where there is gut inflammation there will be skin inflammation, leading to an increased risk of acne, redness and generally sallow-looking skin. So getting your gut healthy is key for glowing skin.
  • Manage your blood-sugar to avoid insulin spikes. Choosing a diet based on whole grains, fibre, protein and healthy fats will avoid sugar lows and highs, and the resultant insulin spikes. This is important because insulin stimulates extra oil production in our sebaceous glands, which we want to avoid when dealing with acne.
  • Improve detoxification channels to take the load off your skin – your largest elimination organ. Herbal medicine and good fibre intake will help the kidney, bowel, liver and lymph share the load, instead of just the skin.
  • Support your stress levels. Cortisol can alter our hormone cascade by ‘stealing’ resources from progesterone, creating an imbalance. Cortisol can also influence insulin levels, creating more androgens and thus more acne. So looking after your adrenal glands to manage healthy cortisol levels are key.
  • Drink up (water that is!). Herbal teas or mineral water infused with lemon or lime are also hydrating and nourishing for your skin.

Here’s to a glowing Spring season!

This post is a general guide only – please remember to consult a health practitioner for advice relevant for you.

Tara Austin is an Endeavour-graduate naturopath and holistic facialist, with a special interest in botanical skincare and beauty. For naturopathic consultations or a guide to all things clean beauty and skincare, visit her at @beauty_in_botany on Instagram or @beautyinbotany on Facebook.

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