Staff Spotlight: Santina

Staff Spotlight: Santina

By Santina Alviana- Clinic Manager – Perth

Although we are all in lockdown, the national clinic team have now settled into working from our home offices.  We are being productive with many proactive projects to improve our clinic environment for students, clients and staff.

However, as I love the interaction in clinic, I am really missing my usual busy routine and the contact I experience when working in the clinic.  My strategy to managing the mental and physical challenges of being at home in isolation is to keep a good work/home balance.  One activity I have been loving is getting outside to walk in my neighbourhood.  It gives me the joy, exercise and connection I need to get through this very different time.

On behalf of the clinic team, we hope you are finding your way with balancing your work and home life and we look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon!

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