Introduction to Myotherapy

Introduction to Myotherapy

By Shandell D’Souza

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is the assessment and treatment of muscular injury and dysfunction. The aim of the treatment is to address muscular strength, flexibility, mobility and overall a decrease in pain (Myotherapy Association Australia, 2019).

Myotherapists are able to treat:

-Joint sprains (rolled ankles)

-Muscle strains (‘pulled’ or ‘torn’ muscles)

-Muscle pain and soreness

-Increase Muscle flexibility

-Increase Joint mobility

-Injury rehabilitation (muscle strengthening)


-Nerve pain (tingling, numbness, sharp shooting pain)

-Poor posture

Aims of a Myotherapy treatment

At the Endeavour Wellness Clinic, the overall aim of a myotherapist is to provide lasting relief from pain as well as increasing movement, flexibility, strength and function throughout the body. This can be achieved through hands-on treatment including neuromuscular techniques, cupping, dry needling, joint mobilisations, stretching, taping and take-home exercises and care.

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