How to Have a Healthy Easter

How to Have a Healthy Easter

By Nina Kingsford-Smith

What images are conjured in your mind when I say “healthy Easter”? Eating low calorie, sugar free, fat free hot cross buns? Going for an extra long run to burn off those ‘Easter calories’? Completely abstaining from eating any Easter eggs or chocolate of any kind? These are the kinds of things most people seem to think of.

Here’s an idea though…instead of just thinking about a healthy Easter in relation to food and calories, how about we think about it in terms of our relationship with said food? I’m a firm believer that your relationship with food is the absolute core foundation to health, nutrition and wellbeing. And that it’s more important than anything you actually eat.

Magazines and social media may have you believe that even if you eat one Easter egg or one hot cross bun this Easter, you’ll have failed. But this just isn’t true. Health, nutrition and wellbeing are about so much more than what you eat. Balance is crucial. Creating a healthy life that is sustainable and maintainable is crucial, and that means that so too are factors like joy and social connection. So, if eating an Easter egg or two brings you joy…do it. If having a hot cross bun with your family on Good Friday or going out for brunch with friends on Easter Sunday is a tradition you love…be part of it.  Don’t allow fear that these things are ‘bad’ for and will undo all of your hard work stop you from truly living and experiencing life. Let go of the guilt. Food isn’t good or bad, and you aren’t good or bad because of the foods that you eat.

Of course, I’m not advocating that we all sit down and eat bags upon bags of Easter eggs or hot cross buns, because that wouldn’t be balanced either. My take home message is this – remember the bigger picture. You can eat all the carrot sticks in the world…but if you’re sitting on the sidelines, missing out on experiences with your loved ones, feeling anxious and fearful towards food…then are you truly enjoying your healthiest happiest life?

If this article has struck a chord with you or if you feel like you’d like some support with your relationship with food, please head over to the Butterfly Foundation or book an appointment with one of our student nutritionists.

Wishing everyone joy and happiness this Easter,

Nina xx

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