How Tui Na helped me bond with my children

How Tui Na helped me bond with my children

By Brooke Hagget

As a recent found enthusiast of Tui Na massage and its benefits I decided to get a book from Endeavour’s Gold Coast Campus library that was on the Chinese Medicine Course curriculum to try out some techniques for myself so I could massage my nearly 4 year old twins.

After carefully studying and applying a few facial, hand and foot techniques to myself I decided to embark on my first patients. After our bath time I asked Hunter, my daughter, if she would like a massage from mum. She was delighted anything that involved oil or lotion is always a winner with her.

I started out with her feet and lowers legs and before I had worked my way up to her hands and arms she was sprawled in a relaxed mode in front of me on the lounge room floor. I got her to turn around so I could do her head and face all she could say was ‘More, Mumma?’. I asked Hennessey (her twin brother) if he wanted a massage and I got an abrupt ‘No way!’.  I got him to come over and just hold my hand and started to massage his palm and back of his hand and then out of the blue he said ‘My legs, Mumma?’. So I did the same massage for him and whilst I was massaging his head and face my daughter squeezed in behind me and started to massage my head and face following the same techniques I did to her.

It was honestly the calmest pre-bedtime I had experienced with my twins and I have never felt so close to them. Once they were in bed the benefits continued and they were asleep in under 10 minutes.

Success all round! I now try to incorporate this into our routine twice a week and due to my work schedule it really gives us some quality time together.

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