Homeopathy, for the first time

Homeopathy, for the first time

By Maggie Catlow, Brisbane Clinic Coordinator

It was as though the stars has aligned when I became employed at Endeavour College of Natural Health, because I strongly believe in the power of alternative medicine and the importance of working with your body.

I always live by the motto “try anything once, twice if you like it,” which is why I didn’t hesitate to road test homeopathy as part of my induction into the Endeavour College team.

Despite being fairly acquainted with most healing practices, it still took me a little while to wrap my head around a few things regarding homeopathy.

The first hurdle was getting the pronunciation of ‘homeopathy’ right. Secondly, my interpretation of a homeopathy consultation and experience was along the lines of quirky witchcraft. I even caught myself constantly referring to the prescribed treatment as a ‘potion’ (FYI it’s better and properly known as remedy).

As soon as I entered my first session, all of my bizarre pre-existing expectations flew out the window and I had this overwhelming feeling that I was in good hands and in a safe environment to talk about myself without the fear of judgment.

I was amazed by how I could go into the appointment with a health concern and instead of being instantly ‘diagnosed’ with a condition, homeopathy worked off a deeper level to connect the body and mind. Instead categorising or labelling my issues, the practitioner tried to find the root of the problem.

I was encouraged to explore the history of my symptoms and my practitioner asked me to describe them as though I was explaining it to a young child. I was asked A LOT of questions, ranging from my childhood, diet, previous illnesses and emotional triggers. She also looked at my eyes, tongue and nails as part of my physical assessment.

I didn’t expect to divulge much about my personal life and never in a million years did I think I would cry… yet both happened (and I’m usually a hard nut to crack). I can’t speak on behalf of anybody besides myself, but I found the consultation to be healing in the sense that I discovered a lot about myself and the way I tick.

Suddenly it all began to make sense and I could start to see how the events, ideologies and relationships in my life influence my internal and external health.

Toward the end of my appointment, once I had randomly confronted my fears, insecurities and also my desires, my practitioner presented me with a remedy that was best suited for my unique case (everyone has a unique case by the way, I’m not that special).

Surprisingly, unlike most other prescriptions, my homeopathic remedy was in a singular dosage. I was extremely happy with that as compliance to routine is a character flaw of mine. My lack of patience when it comes to results is another one of my weaker attributes so I was happy when I started to see some positive changes before my follow up, seven days later.

I felt like I benefited from the entire homeopathy session. My discussion with the practitioner provided clarity and personal awareness. Additionally, the remedy worked towards achieving harmony within myself. As mentioned earlier I’ll “try anything once, twice if I like it,” and as I write this I am eagerly awaiting my third treatment.

This article provides general information and is not intended to constitute advice. All care is taken to ensure information is accurate and relevant. Please see your Practitioner for health treatments and advice.

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