Workout Nutrition Explained – Part 2: During the workout

Workout Nutrition Explained – Part 2: During the workout

By Malisa Beets & Delina Rahmate

So you are stretched, limber and decked out in your best exercise gear you purchased especially for this occasion. You are going to start a work out. If like some of us, you are worried about what happens when the first burning sensation tingles in your muscles and your breathing becomes laboured then read on. We have some key tips for helping your body survive the pain and struggle of muscles who have lain dormant for too long and pushed past their comfort zone.

Supplement options while you exercise

  • For those seeking to lose weights it is crucial to keep up water intake. You also have the option of supplementing with Branch Core Amino Acids to reduce mental fatigue. We recommend seeing a student practitioner or your health professional to determine if these are suitable for you.
  • If your someone who fits our ‘hard core’ exerciser (up to 90 minutes of exercise) then you may also benefits from Branch Core Amino Acids (5-10g) mixed in water to reduce mental fatigue.
  • For endurance sports or for those of us who are rediscovering our fitness junkie a natural sports drink, professional electrolyte and/or endurance powder can assist the body to cope with the intensified physical activity. You can also consider light, easy to digest food such as watermelon which is high in natural sugars and H20.

Rules to follow

  • Don’t consume too much fluid too quickly as this can lead to nausea and gastric upsets
  • Don’t drink commercially prepared sports drinks as they are very high in sugar and calories and not as balanced as professional blends
  • Consume enough fluid to keep hydration levels up
  • For endurance sports balance water and electrolytes to avoid imbalances and possible side effects such as hyponatremia and hypernatremia which are potentially very harmful for the body and cardiovascular system. It is important that you continue to urinate and it should be straw or pale yellow coloured.

At Endeavour Wellness Clinics we are all about cutting the nasties and DIY. So below you will find a nutritionally balanced natural sports drink to consume that isn’t full of refined sugar. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Natural sports drink recipe

  • 2 dates (high GI energy)
  • 250ml coconut water (balanced electrolytes)
  • 250 ml water (hydration)
  • Himalayan salt (electrolyte and stimulates digestion) to taste
  • ½ teaspoon grated ginger (to deal with nausea)

Blend and consume in small sips throughout training.

This article provides general information and is not intended to constitute advice. All care is taken to ensure information is accurate and relevant. Please see your Practitioner for health treatments and advice.

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