12 Weeks to Wellness – Week 1

12 Weeks to Wellness – Week 1

By Endeavour Wellness Clinic

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your fitness, change your eating habits, train for a special event or get into that little black dress, you have the power to transform your health and change your life.

Endeavour Wellness Clinics is the Wellness Partner for Goodlife Health Gyms upcoming 12 Week Challenge. The 12 Week Challenge is a fitness program that includes sessions with qualified personal trainers, regular progress check-ins and meal plans. Alongside this program, Endeavour Wellness Clinics is running a 12 Weeks to Wellness campaign.

Kathleen Hanley, our very own Melbourne Clinic Manager, has bravely offered to participate in the 12 Week Challenge and will be attending Endeavour Wellness Clinics treatments to support her on the journey to wellness.

By Kathleen Hanley

Over the years as a Practitioner, and in life, I kept so focused on improving the health and function of my clients and my family, yet forgot to apply those same principles to myself. Like many parents, I was flat-out working in my career and then flat-out working at home. With my family I was so focused on achieving all the “life goals” of providing a good home and education that I ran out of energy to focus on caring for myself.

Whilst I made the most of every minute in both spheres of my life, some of the lessons I was passing on were not the lessons I intended. I failed to understand that if I did not prioritise taking care of myself to the very best of my ability that I may not get to be around to see any future grandchildren and enjoy my later life – cue the beautiful sinking sun in some exotic or cosmopolitan place in my world travels.

I have always been taught to lead by example, and when we orientate the students to Clinical practice, part of our presentation to them is on the importance of the Endeavour College of Natural Health organisational values. These values guide each and every interaction we have on campus, in clinic and in practice. Four of the key values which instantly appealed to me (and my snapshot interpretations) are:

  • Authenticity: be genuine
  • Embodiment: practise what you preach
  • Responsibility: take personal ownership, lead by example and follow through
  • Happiness: value positivity, joy, encouragement

The challenge with declaring the values you choose to live by, is that you really have to do so! Otherwise, the same as at home, if you don’t practice what you preach, people will pull you up on it. If you want their trust, you must be accountable. If I want to guide and lead, I need to live by example – I need to model the behaviour I would like to see in others.

As life encourages us to do, I have worked hard on my personal transition to be in a positive, healthy and forward planning state. Thankfully I am now ready to commit myself to improving my physical health. It is time to assist my body to reflect the person I have become, and to be proactive in protecting my future health and physical capacity to enjoy my life. My body may be the machine which carries me around – it has served me well so far, and it is now time for that machine to receive the care and attention it deserves.

With the assistance of Goodlife Gyms, FIAFitnation personal trainers, and the Melbourne Endeavour Wellness Clinic student practitioners, I aim to become the healthiest physical version of myself. Wish me well on my 12 week challenge!

Throughout the 12 Weeks to Wellness campaign we will be sharing articles, recipes, and special offers to inspire you to get healthy and active. If you want to start your 12 Weeks to Wellness call us on 1300 859 785 and make a positive step towards your health goals.

Kathleen Hanley, Clinic Manager at Endeavour Wellness Clinic Melbourne, joined Endeavour College in July 2014. Prior to joining the Melbourne team, Kathleen was owner & Senior Myotherapist in her own Sports Health Practice for 15 years, specialising in caring for elite sports teams and athletes.

This article provides general information and is not intended to constitute advice. All care is taken to ensure information is accurate and relevant. Please see your Practitioner for health treatments and advice.

Dear Kathleen,
all the best for the challenge.
We will cheer you on and lovingly watch you transform,
Heike x

Thankyou so much Heike!
I’m working hard and feeling improvements already.
Kathleen x

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